About BIRG

The Berlin Improvisation Research Group (BIRG) is a communication platform for musical improvisation researchers. It was founded in 2011 by Christopher Williams, Lara Frisch, Marta Blažanović-Drefers, Mathias Maschat and Simon Rose. Since 2013 Reinhard Gagel affiliated as steady member and host to the meetings.

BIRG is interdisciplinary in nature — while its focus is the field of music, the group is open to other art forms and discourses. BIRG values and draws inspiration from practice. Many of its attendees are professional musicians active both locally in Berlin’s improvised music scene, and abroad.

Over the years BIRG has been joined and visited by many musicologists, practicing musicians, sound artists, sociologists, pedagogues, journalists and/or curators as e. g.: Alessandra Eramo, Christian Broecking, Daniel Puig, Héctor Rey, Kim Feser, Lucíe Vitková, Matthias Haenisch, Mattin, Maxi Sickert, Olaf Hochherz, Richard Scott, Tom Arthurs, Ute Wassermann, and Werner Durand. For further guests and their presentations please refer to our meetings page.

During most of the time BIRG met monthly to investigate and discuss selected topics. Since 2016 the meetings are set up on a more occasional basis. The meetings are conceived as an open platform for other interested researchers and musicians. Please contact us in case you would like to propose a topic or paper for one of the meetings.